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    • Done a Jira and done a merge. Weekend now pls. 4 hours ago
    • @gcaughey I would counter that my enterprise users run exciting real time trading WPF apps. 😎 7 hours ago
    • Don't be that tourist that rides the escalator on the left on London. You don't wanna be that person. 8 hours ago
    • @Depechie 👍👍👍👍 9 hours ago
    • What the hell happened to hip-hop? We've had Dre and Biggie and Tupac. And now we've got...Drake. Guy sounds like wet flannel. 9 hours ago
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This blog is about coping.  Coping with the urges of being a gamer, when you’re a Dad (and a new one in my case), husband, career-man.  When the spoils of time available in youth are gone, and you have just moved on a bit and have other responsibilities, and indeed other interests.  This blog is also about those other interests, and any other gumph that spills out.

Hello World.  — lamecouldn’t resist…once a programmer, always a programmer.


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