Restraining the gaming urge.

OK.  So here’s the rub.  Games.  Lots of them.  Lots of games, no time.

I’ve learned over the years, that part of gaming – for me – is the experience of new things.  When a new game comes out I want to play it, experience it, see what it has to offer, get a feel for it.  Then, once I’m over the initial euphoria the game has to be really good, I have to be really involved, else I will move on, and quickly.  I have a knack of not finishing games.  The games I haven’t completed form a long list.  But there’s so much more out there to experience…

I am awakened to this.  It not only costs money, but my time is now so limited that experiences with games are flirting, an hour here, an hour there.  Why the hell I got involved with Dragon Age: Origins I’ll never know!  Great game though.  Am hoping to put in another hour or two over the weekend whilst the baby is in bed and my wife is on a hen do.  And not buy Red Dead Redemption.  Repeat.  Not buy Red Dead Redemption. If only just to epxerience that open world gameplay in the wild West. I know where this ends.  I finished GTA III.  But Vice City, San Andreas, GTA IV…they all remain incomplete.

Here’s to hoping that by writing this I can help constrain myself.

Until I can get my hands on Super Mario Galaxy 2…

Some time later that day…

I drafted the first part of this post a few hours back.  On my lunch I hopped onto Metacritic and checked out the reviews for Red Dead Redemption.  Sounds awesome.  Too awesome to miss.  How is one supposed to resist the urge when reviewers are posting comments such as:

An exceptional achievement

Although this is said of almost every single new Rockstar product, Red Dead Redemption is arguably their best effort to date

A masterpiece not to be missed.

An awe-inspiring game.

Well, the weekend draws nigh, so while my lovely other half is away, can I manage an all night gaming session – just like the old days – knowing I have the (very welcome) responsibility of a 10 month old daughter the next day?


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