Baby Sign Language – A First Result!

I thoroughly urge every parent of a baby to consider giving this a go. You don’t need any expertise or experience, just need a baby, and a bit of patience!

My wife introduced me to the concept of baby sign language before our baby was born and I was immediately taken with the concept.ย  We got a copy of the book, “My First Signs“.ย  And along with time and aforementioned patience, that is the only investment you need.

Before I go further, I admit it.ย  Our baby only knows one sign.

The sign is for milk.ย  Pretty damn important as far as she is concerned.ย  She is now 10 months old and for several months we have been signing milk (open hand, clench fist, repeat – if we have understood the diagram correctly).ย  Just the other night we had out first break through.

With Holly on my wife Shelley’s lap, she was due her evening bottle.ย  Being the competent father I am ๐Ÿ˜‰ I was ready with the bottle.ย  I bought it to her and in my baby-communicating-over-emphasising way I said, “milk”, whilst holding out the bottle and making the usual sign with my fist.ย  Holly twisted around, raised her arm, and clearly and purposefully; opened and clenched her fist, three times, returning the sign.

Naturally my wife and I were overjoyed.ย  Seven months we’d been trying this (though I have sinve read that babies only really pick up signing from seven or eight months) and in that moment it was all worth it.ย  Naturally we then had an hour long battle to get her to bed, but the signing moment was just one of the special snippets of time that you know will stay with you forever.

Magically, in the morning, Holly again signed along with us at milk time, and then the following evening she went just a tad further.ย  At 7pm, pretty much her usual bottle time she started her usual whining.ย  We asked her, without signing, “what do you want Holly?”

Naturally she had only one response, milk.


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